vConference Terms and Conditions

1. Purpose of the Terms and Conditions: This policy outlines PC, iOS & Android devices entitlements for PwC partners, directors & external participants.

2. Exclusions: This service is opened to PwC partners & directors in CN & HK offices and external participants.

3. Personal Liability: Personal liability means that the individual enters into an agreement directly with the respective telecommunications carrier and is responsible to meet all the terms and conditions set out by the carrier. Under a personal liability arrangement, PwC will have no involvement in account matters such as:

3.1. The set-up and management of the individual's smart device account with the carrier.

3.2. Billing and payment of the account (including overdue fees).

3.3. Providing hardware support for device or resolving carrier network issues.

3.4. Replacing or repairing your smart device if it is lost or damaged.

4. PwC partners, directors & external participants’ responsibilities are as below:

4.1. Reading and understanding the terms and conditions of the policy.

4.2. Required to change meeting PIN regularly. Meeting PIN should be at least 6 digits in length (e.g. 453782).

4.3. Do not attempt to by-pass or remove the PwC security policy configuration on any devices holding PwC data.

4.4. Devices that have been modified or hacked (such as jail-broken, rooted or a modified/incorrect Operating System) will not be allowed to connect to the PwC network.

5. All devices must comply with minimum requirements, both device hardware and device software as outlined by GTS in order to access PwC services. These minimum requirements will change from time to time as different security problems are found. Present requirements are:

5.1. Hardware: Support is limited to major iOS and Android manufactures.

5.2. Operation systems: Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Mac® OS X®, iOS 5.1 and above , Android 4.0 and above.

6. Reimbursement: The firm will not reimburse you for any expenses related to iOS & Android devices due to the use of vConference, including but not limited to purchase repair and all phone carrier fees. Depending on your data plan this may or may not be a concern to you. Please pay special attention when you are travelling and understand your carrier’s costs for data roaming. These costs can add up very quickly.

7. Support for PwC smart devices are split between PwC GTS and carriers. As a general guide, PwC will only provide technical support to the users who are experiencing issues with the following:

PwC GTS are responsible for providing support to users for the following:

a. Setup and installation of PwC vConference application.

b. Accessing and install application to using vConference.

The carriers are responsible for providing support to users for the following:

a. Faulty devices or hardware issues.

b. Problems with the carrier network.

c. Contract terms and conditions.

d. Billing details, payments and overdue fees.

e. Plan changes.

f. Repairs and warranty replacements.

8. GTS does not provide loan equipment for the purpose of vConference, this includes both smart devices and PC.

9. PwC is not liable for damage due to use of vConference.